1,500 disabled children to benefit from CMA CGM Corporate Foundation support in 2016 from call for proposals

• 14 French and Lebanese associations rewarded
• 2016 call for proposals themed "Encourage the personal development of children with disabilities"
• Since its founding, the CMA CGM Corporate Foundation has provided more than 150 grants to various associations and non-profit organizations.

The CMA CGM Corporate Foundation is pleased to announce the associations that were rewarded following its 2016 call for proposals under the theme “Encourage disabled children’s personal development”.

The Foundation has decided to reward 14 French and Lebanese associations which chosen initiatives aim at improving the lives of ill children, affected by social, emotional or medical situations, or suffering from a disability.

The projects selected are innovative and diverse, among them: the development of a smartphone application for the young and physically disabled, the purchase of technological equipment for children with mental disabilities, the equipment of a sensory gym, or the purchase of musical instruments to assist in the development of children with differing disabilities.

Naïla Saadé

President of the CMA CGM Corporate Foundation

We received 60 applications and the selection was tough. The 14 associations that we have chosen are unique by their actions’ quality and consistency and their desire to improve the daily lives of children.

In France:

  • 13 Accessible Association to create a smartphone application for handicapped youths to monitor their location and search for local accessible leisure, cultural and sport locations.
  • Institut Médico-Educatif Mont Riant (Marseilles) for the acquisition of alternative communication tools (workbooks and digital tablets) for mentally ill children and teenagers who cannot speak clearly or cannot speak at all.
  • ADAPEI Var Méditerranée (Pierrefeu du Var) for the development of a safe home for autistic children aged 6 to 16 and allowing parents of severely disabled children to have qualitative family time.
  • Le Pas (Caderousse, Vaucluse) Association for the purchase of a 9-seat vehicle, to allow children aged 6 to 20 suffering from mental disorders, to access recreational and adapted physical activities offered by the association.
  • Agir et vivre l’autisme (Marseilles) for classroom equipment and teaching aids, within the ABA Medico-educational Institute in the Lacordaire school, for autistic children aged 0 to 16.
  • Les Amis du CAMSP d'Aubagne for the development of an outside work space for motor skills development, within the Centre d'Action Médical Social Précoce of Aubagne which welcomes children aged 0 to 6 with physical or mental development disorders.
  • La Bourguette Association (Montfavet, Vaucluse) for 17 tablets and relevant software for children aged 3 to 7 with autism.
  • Phonambule Association (Rians, Var) for musical duos, in the form of mini-concerts for Les Lauriers Roses in Bandol, a medicalized nursery for infants.

And in Lebanon:

  • Al Younbouh rehabilitation center for the provision of a 30m2 Snoezelen® multi-sensory room. Targeting children from 7 to 14 with mental deficiency to defend the rights of disadvantaged youths who have not been integrated into society.
  • ACSAUVEL for the provision of a kindergarten for children 3 to 5 with Down syndrome and mental disabilities. The school is specialized in the education of children and youths with mental disorders, not accepted in regular schools of the Metn region.
  • Centre de la Providence Divine for a kitchen to be used as a professional pastry workshop which welcomes children and young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds in North Lebanon, and suffering from mental disabilities or Down syndrome.
  • Orphan Welfare Society - OWS for the purchase of 400 musical instruments for 275 children aged 3 to 17, suffering from different disabilities to reduce levels of aggression and stress.
  • Bishmizzine High School for the acquisition of 2 interactive whiteboards, software and educational games for "Slow Learners" from 3 to 18 suffering from average or slight mental disabilities and learning difficulties.
  • North Autism Center for the provision of a Sensory work out room for autistic children aged 5 to 14 in North Lebanon.