The finest degree in reefer expertise

A large variety of goods require a specific atmosphere, temperature or humidity level. For this type of sensitive cargo requiring Reefer transportation, the slightest detail can make all the difference. This is why CMA CGM relies on a strong and diversified Reefer container fleet, its various assets as a leading worldwide shipping group and its numerous Reefer experts to exceed customers' expectations.

Reefer key figures

2ndlargest Reefer carrierin the world

190,000Reefer plugs

315,000Reefer containers(TEUs)

600+agencies worldwide


200+shipping lines

Expertise as an added value

CMA CGM Reefer

With a central organization entirely dedicated to Reefer services at the headquarters in Marseilles and a large network of experts in more than 85 countries all over the world, CMA CGM is positioned as the specialized partner for any shipment that requires controlled atmosphere, temperature, or humidity.

Eric Legros

Eric Legros

Deputy Vice President Reefer

CMA CGM has a unique expertise highly appreciated by our customers. They are often producers, and are extremely attentive to the quality of their products that required months of work, follow-up and rippening. They rely on our expertise to preserve the quality of their products. We truly create added value in their supply chain.

More than providing customers with the right tools and solutions, our Reefer experts are also working on the development of innovative technologies and ensure the proper functioning of the refrigerated containers at each stage of the journey:

  • While entering and exiting the containers park
  • On trains or trucks
  • When stored at the port terminal
  • During the trip on the vessel

The 2nd largest Reefer fleet to answer all your needs

CMA CGM Reefer

To provide the best service, CMA CGM owns the second largest Reefer container fleet in the world with more than 315,000 containers (TEUs).

This container fleet is composed of various refrigerated containers (20’, 40’HC, 45’), all equipped with the latest technologies and features ensuring the best care for your products.

Learn more about CMA CGM Reefer containers and technologies on our dedicated page.

The benefits of a leading worldwide shipping group

CMA CGM Reefer

CMA CGM’s Reefer expertise and apparatus are bolstered by the numerous assets of a leading worldwide shipping group: global coverage, variety of services, better control over the supply chain, and a modern and reliable fleet.

Our customers can thus benefit from a complete door-to-door solution without foregoing the flexibility and expertise expected from a Reefer specialist and required for sensitive goods.

Learn more on our presentation page: CMA CGM, a leading worldwide shipping group

Meet our specialists during tradeshows

CMA CGM Reefer

All customers in need of tailor-made solutions can meet our Reefer specialists during various tradeshows around the world.

Teams of experts are at your disposal to answer questions and provide solutions regarding the transport of goods requiring atmosphere, humidity or temperature control.

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CMA CGM Reefer

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