RORO - Roll-On / Roll-Off

CMA CGM RORO vessels to Maghreb

The CMA CGM North Africa (NAF) line and its subsidiary COMANAV are the only shipping company to offer regular and rapid RORO (Roll-on Roll-off) services from Marseilles to Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

Vessel Cap Camarat

Our RORO ships are equiped for the transport of :

  • All types of units on wheels : Cars, Lorries, trailers attached or not, articulated lorries, public works machinery on wheels, agricultural machinery. All our RoRo vessels are equipped with plugs for refrigerated units on wheels.
  • All types of packaging, containers, boxes, palets, drums, big-bags, as well as non-packed goods.
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All types of live animals transported in specialised units on wheels (eg. Cattle trucks) supplied by the shipper are accepted on our RORO vessels.

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The RORO technology is adapted to “exceptional”, long heavy and/or voluminous goods. Shippers can organize the transport from the place of manufacture to the final delivery place, “extraordinary” transport with no transloading and therefore with a maximal security.

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