Intermodal & Greenmodal

The CMA CGM Group, 3rd worldwide shipping Group, shines on seas with its powerful fleet and also excels in inland transport solutions. Indeed, CMA CGM, always looking for greener shipping solutions, has developed intermodal solutions all around the world.

CMA CGM Intermodal services and transports

A worldwide inland network for a global solution

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To create an efficient inland network, CMA CGM has significantly invested all around the world in own barges, land based infrastructures, ports and inland terminals and intermodal transport.

By combining all the inland transport chain with CMA CGM maritime services, the Group guarantees transcontinental and regional connections without any break. This wide coverage provides a global solution, as well as a green and sustainable service.

3.0million TEUs(not including APL)

54%inland transport on ecological mode (Rail & Barge traffic - not including APL)

140,000inland points(not including APL)

97%service levelbest quality of inland service in Europe (not including APL)

* In 2014

Personalized service and door-to-door solutions to provide the best service quality

CMA CGM offers to all customers Ramp and Door solutions based on the most competitive and reliable services in order to optimize their supply chains.
To reply to customer’s needs, CMA CGM offers:

  • Both pre and post maritime transport solutions to/from all dry ports (ramp), depots and warehouses ;
  • Storage solutions;
  • The best personalized solution to fit customer’s requirements for each pre or post transport operation.

The CMA CGM expert teams work close to customers, to ensure them with the highest service quality. From the pick-up to the delivery of the goods, CMA CGM ensures a cost-saving end-to-end solution without delays, and in optimum security conditions.

Also, the Group’s own brand, CMA CGM Logistics (Lien vers la partie logistique), offers all complementary services needed in the transport & logistics chain such as customs clearance, freight forwarding, packaging or storage.

Find more details about CMA CGM Intermodal solutions in our Products & Services section.

Environmental friendly solutions for a reduced carbon footprint

The transport solutions offered by CMA CGM, allowing the best optimization of container moves, contribute to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and also help to reduce port congestion.

On top, by combining import and export moves, CMA CGM reduces empty container transport thus contributing once more to protect the environment.

Greenmodal Transport

Environmentally neutral, efficient and simplified intermodal transport

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CMA CGM has decided to gather all of its intermodal subsidiaries under one name:Greenmodal Transport.

Rail transport service, river transport service, road transport service, Progeco and TCX, are now all gathered under Greenmodal Transport. These five entities, each contributing the knowledge of the sector they specialize in, make up a subsidiary of over 500 employees. To date, Greenmodal Transport is the only French operator to offer the possibility of combining three means of transport: via roads, railroads, and inland waterways.

Greenmodal Transport facilitates the organisation and management of the logistics chain through a single contact capable of meeting all the needs of customers.

Greenmodal uses its own means of providing its products and services. It applies its mastery of transport tools to solve logistics issues. CMA CGM gives customers the possibility to go from one mode of transport to another based on their needs. This makes the process more efficient.

Greenmodal network

Environmentally friendly intermodal solutions

Greenmodal Transport has a weak carbon footprint. For many years, CMA CGM has committed to sustainable and responsible development for all. Switching modes of transport allows the Group to limit CO2 emissions and to match the mode to the distance travelled.

Moreover, the goal of Greenmodal Transport in terms of environmental impact is in line with the goals of the Grenelle de l’Environnement français (French environmental reform project) and of the EU climate and energy package.

In 2013, Greenmodal Transport will carry 160,000 TEUs via inland waterways or railroads. That means 160,000 fewer lorries on our roads!

Jacques Saadé

New website for Greenmodal Transport, the Group’s multimodal subsidiary

October 23th, 2013

This news website brings together the five Greenmodal Transport businesses and allows visitors to access the transport plan, request prices online, view all the Group’s locations, and find the latest news on multimodal transport.
Greenmodal Transport is the first French tri-modal operator and also offers a wide range of logistics services such as warehousing, groupage and degroupage of freight via its warehouses, trading, and container repairs and storage via its depots. In terms of its development and brand building phase, the launch of the website sends a strong signal to stakeholders in the multimodal market.