Careers related to the container-ship

As a leading worldwide container shipping Group, CMA CGM relies on a fleet of 532 container ships. Many professions, at land or at sea, are linked to the container-ship.

CMA CGM teams of expert work together to design, create, arm, equip and operate these ships, ensuring that the cargo they transport always reaches its destination, while keeping the crew and environment safe and preserved.

One container-ship, many careers

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Our CMA Ships subsidiary brings together all the branches of activity dealing with managing the vessel fleet and its crew members. They have a wide range of responsibilities: navigation, embarking our crews, technical maintenance, supplying spare parts and consumables, developing and implementing new building projects, etc....

Building and development


Experienced engineers and seafarers participate in the development of these leviathans. They optimise ship design taking into account its commercial, safety, and environmental protection functions, recommend inspections, and manage purchasing issues, maintenance and repairs to be performed.



Experienced officers and key personnel, the Captain, Chief Officer, and Chief Engineer conduct the ship's commercial operations both through its sailing and its mechanical operations. The other crew members take care of daily life on board and the ship's maintenance (Chef, Steward, seamen, etc.).



To ship our customers' cargo, our fleet needs fuel and port services such as pilotage, moorage, towing, and crane operations, but also provisions and consumables for those who live onboard. Our buyers, specialists in their field, negotiate with suppliers all over the world.