Careers related to the shipping line: cornerstone of the CMA CGM Group

The shipping line is the heart of CMA CGM’s business. It is the act of transporting large quantities of goods on regular routes with defined schedules. CMA CGM counts more than 200 shipping services, allowing their customers to carry any type of merchandise all over the world.

The shipping line: jobs at the heart of the transportation industry

CMA CGM MovieWorking on a shipping line means ensuring that this regular route is working properly. It requires and provides a good understanding of the shipping industry as merchandises are monitored for all their transportation cycle, from their place of loading to their place of delivery.

Sales teams set the line's fare policy and manage the sales network. In constant contact with the agents, they monitor the progress of vessel loading, carry out arbitrage in the event of overcapacity, and replies to various calls for tenders and requests for special quotations.

Operations ensure the commercial operations of our fleet. They optimise vessel loading ensuring that voyages and calls run smoothly and according to schedule.

Ship Managers are in charge of plans for ship loading and unloading, the smooth handling of port operations, and ensuring that schedules are kept, in collaboration with the operational teams and agencies.

Cargo Flow Coordinators , with a prominent role in the operations of a line, consolidate, analyze, and adjust the flow of full and empty containers in order to optimize vessel loading.