CMA CGM in China

CMA CGM and China, a partnership that began in 1992

CMA CGM in China

Foreseeing China‘s leading role in the global economy and as the future world’s factory, Jacques Saadé decided in 1992 to open a first local office in Shanghai. He entrusted the task of managing the agency and creating a network of local offices that would help commercial growth to a University Professor and shipping expert.

Thus, tens of offices would open across the country as Jacques Saadé believes building a tight network is essential. These offices, opening first on the coast then in inland provinces, allowed the company to support China’s industrial policy which entailed curbing rural-urban migration and industrializing Central China.

23 years later: more than 1,700 staff members, 74 agencies and 71 shipping lines.

CMA CGM in China

CMA CGM now has 74 agencies in China employing 1,700 people in 25 provinces. In China, CMA CGM is known under the nickname « Da Fei »

71 shipping lines are calling in China, in 13 different ports, for 248 weekly stops.

Well known by the authorities, CMA CGM has always favored working with Chinese partners. CMA CGM Group achieves a volume of 4.25 million TEUs in China for a market share close to 10%.

4.25MTEU carried per year

1,700staff members

74local offices

71shipping lines

The CMA CGM vessels: symbols of the economic relationship between France and China

CMA CGM in China

The Group’s largest vessels, like the CMA CGM Kerguelen, are deployed on the iconic shipping line connecting Europe to China (and Asia): the French Asia Line (FAL). These ships are able to transport around 200,000 tons of goods on a single voyage.

Every 3 hours, a CMA CGM vessel calls in China. On each call, CMA CGM ships unload thousands of tons of French and European products (raw materials, manufactured goods, food, wines and spirits...) and load as much Chinese products (appliances, high-tech...).

China : CMA CGM’s partner

CMA CGM in China

CMA CGM entrusts Chinese corporations for the building of its container ships and containers.Indeed, CIMC, a Chinese company, is the worldwide leader of container’s manufacturing.

CMA CGM buys all its new containers in China. In 2014, CMA CGM took delivery of 75,000 new standard containers and 20,000 refrigerated containers (reefer), built in various factories in China.

Moreover, CMA CGM entrusted Chinese shipyards with the construction of new container ships. Eight ships between 9,400 and 10,900 TEUs have already been produced by these sites.